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    Malé Versailles

    With respect to tradition. Love the best.

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    Menu of Malé Versailles 

    About Malé Versailles restaurant

    Malé Versailles is a cosy guesthouse with a restaurant located in the West-End district opposite the Orthodox church. It is surrounded by abundant vegetation and is one of the oldest iconic places in Carlsbad.
    It was first mentioned as the “restaurant in the garden” in 1759.

    The restaurant was originally named “Cihlena” (brickworks) because it was built on the site of a brickworks.

    There is an interesting story about the brickworks, which was built on this site after an enormous fire destroyed over 100 town buildings and completely changed the appearance of the town. Some sources state that there used to be an inn here before the fire. If this is true, then Malé Versailles could be considered the oldest restaurant in the town.

    The restaurant was very popular with locals and visitors because of its menu of choice dishes and also due to the nearby outdoor dancing pavilion.

    The dances became an essential element of the restaurant and were so popular that people began calling this place Malé Versailles (Little Versailles) and comparing it to the renowned French palace famed for its balls.
    The name became so popular with visitors that the Cihelna Restaurant was officially renamed Malé Versailles 5 years later.

    Throughout its long existence Malé Versailles has welcomed distinguished cultural figures as guests, including the German poet Goethe.

    In the 1930s the Versailles lake became the home arena for the local ice-hockey team.

    Malé Versailles opened its doors again in 2016.
    With respect to tradition.
    With devotion to the best.

    Petr Ploc

    In our restaurant, we are aware of the importance of healthy and quality ingredients, from which we prepare all the meals for you. When preparing meals, we use homemade products from local suppliers, carefully selected by our chef, Petr Ploc. With his help, we have created an original, not only Czech, but also international range of meals that will satisfy the most demanding gourmets. We also recommend trying our desserts, the combination of which guarantees an extraordinary flavour and look.
    Enjoy your meal!


    • 07.12.18 New Year 2019
    • 05.10.18 New winter menu
    • 15.06.17 The largest summer terrace in Carlsbad!
    • 11.02.17 Uzbek Cuisine Degustation
    • 09.01.17 Breakfast in Malé Versailles
    • 25.12.16 Christmas Party in Malé Versailles
    • 09.12.16 Opening of the Restaurant

    Opening of the Restaurant

    Today, the Malé Versailles restaurant opened: we had prepared for a long time, we had worked so hard and… everything turned out fantastic!


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    Malé Versailles Restaurant